Monday, July 26, 2010


This coming August 14 The Rude Maynila Sessions is back for another round of Ska music and Punk rock. We will be featuring Einstein Chakras fresh out of a brief hiatus and Steady Movin' Beat will be on board again alongside regulars such as PinkCow, The Exsenadors, Tolonguez Death Squad, The PinStriped Rebels, Less Than Juan (Umble Uno) . And we are welcoming this new band hailing from Batangas City the land of Kapeng Barako and Balisong - Crooked Beat and out from the ashes of T.R.A. comes The Outcome. Please do drop by this coming August 14.

And also this coming August 27 watch out for Bing Austria of Juan Pablo Dream's new endeavor with former Put3ska manager Shane Cosgrove they had put out a collective known as Soul Music Manila and they will be having an event entitled MANILA SOUL ALL NIGHTER happening at B Side in Malugay Street, Makati City. This event is strictly aimed at propagating a dance movement that emerged from the British mod scene that was highly influenced by American Black Music mainly Soul. Expect to hear tons of heavy heavy stompers full of lesser known rare Motown-influenced music.