Tuesday, July 6, 2010


At first this seem to be of no importance to all of you readers but i think this matter should be addressed by some or even most of us. Yesterday i got a message from my Face Book account from a person i do not knew and asked me if I can squeeze a friend of this certain person who as this person stated belongs to a punk band from a origin of country that i don't know of. The person has an interesting choice of words and that is WHITE FRIENDS. My initial reaction is some what flabbergasted by the way this person addressed them as WHITE. So i told this person about what i felt about the color thing.

The person replied to me and said "i emphasized "white" since i am not sure what kind of people are going to the show..like if some are against white people or something. its more of FYI and more of security in our end.." This further infuriates me on the choice of words that this person used like WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE and SECURITY.

Its kinda funny that this person told me about his punk rocker friends who would like to play this coming July 10th. Going to a punk show is not like going to a fashion show with full on security on every corner of a venue. Punk rock shows always have an element of danger in them don't expect for security if your looking for security stay at home lock your doors and watch MTV!. And may i say that Bisikleta Productions is color blind we don't care if you are white, black, yellow or green as long as you bring your tolerance with you and you're not being a total dick its fine with us!.

And one more thing if you got a friend who is in a band please at least have the decency to say something about the band you are referring to like sending an MP3 or giving us information like a myspace account. And stop reading and watching the news about my country those fucking media writers are giving Philippines a bad name. Hearsay fucks up a good experience.

If you want to experience our community abandon the fear of us heckling your white friends. Drop by on July 10 at 8PM and see what its like to be part of us. This coming Saturday will be a very special day for SkaMax mainstays the STEADY MOVIN' BEAT because they are launching their highly anticipated, long awaited EP on that day.

The band is highly influenced by the 2 Tone movement in Coventry, England and what it represents. And is continuing to echo in all parts of the world were black and white, brown and yellow kids unite to fight racial discrimination and prejudice.

This all Filipino band kicks ass. So to the person who sent me a message all you have to do is , come and see the local bands and SHUT UP...LISTEN..AND DANCE...