Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last month my country, Philippines experienced a deadly earthquake that shooked the whole Central Visayas partcularly Bohol that was hit hard. The magnitude was recorded at 7.2, the deadliest  quake recorded in the Philippine history. The energy of the quake was that of 32 Hiroshima bodmbs.

24 days had passed after the quake and Central Visayas had barely recovered from the calamity then came along typhoon Haiyan that hit Philippine shores on November 8 and ravaged down the region. 

Now Tacloban City once a vibrant coastal city is reduced to a vast corpse strewn wasteland after the onslaught of this super typhoon that is stronger than Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans in 2005. Typhoon Haiyan locally known as Yolanda left an estimated 9.8 people affected, 659.268 families displaced and 10,000+ are feared dead.

It is DAY 4 now and people are sleeping in makeshift tents and some are exposed to rains even lying to their dead loved ones. My countrymen is desperate for help. And being an Overseas Filipino Worker that i am this is one of the few ways that i can do to help my country by writing the sad fate my countrymen had endured on this blog.

As of today food and water supply is growing thin and desperation is growing strong. The level of losses inflicted on my fellow Filipino by Haiyan's earth shattering wake is grim.

Now, more than ever, the bayanihan spirit that is inherent in every Filipino must come to the fore.


As of this writing Mr. Al Dimalanta of Throw/Dead Ends and Mr. Arnold Morales of Urban Bandits/Put3ska had created CONCERNED UNDERGROUND MUSICIANS FOR YOLANDA RELIEF last month the people behind CUMFYR had organized a benefit gig for the victims of Central Visayas quake and plans for a similar effort is well underway for the aid to our fellow Filipinos who where displaced by typhoon Haiyan.  They will be staging a lighting quick series of events that will be held this week and probably up until Central Visayas can get back to its feet again.

This is a concentrated effort amongst the Filipino Punk and Hardcore community and if you want to help out please contact ALBERT ALLAN ASCONA of Bad Omen. The relief aid will be coursed through the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS. Rest assured that all pledges will be accounted for and will not fall into the hands of greedy politicians and bogus NGOs.

And to all punk rockers, skinheads and hardcore kids all around the world you can help by going to HARDCORE HELP FOUNDATION log on to http://hardcore-help.com/ 

And lastly the torch bearers of Bisikleta Productions - KONTRA KULTURA along with DIRTY SHOE COLLECTIVE will be staging a benefit gig on Saturday at THE SPOT please do attend the show and bring along bottled water and canned foods and if possible sacrifice a bit of your mobile phone load for our brothers and sister in need. A little goes along way as I always say.