Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 “It aims to break through the social barriers and create a culture free of discrimination.” - Cindy Aquino

Whether we like it or not, our memory will fade. Details will become fuzzy and we will think that we remember all of the details of a time and place, however, our memory will build those details as it wishes not as it really was.

Last month I promised one of my lady friend back in the Philippines that i will do a piece on a person that we both knew that recently won in an international photography contest. But due to my busy schedule at work it took me almost a couple of weeks to start writing about her.

The person i was referring to is CINDY AQUINO. Cindy or to some friends who knew her by monicker as Inday, used to document most of the Bisikleta Production events from the time Bisikleta held court at Sazi's Bar and Ten 02 up to the time this production outfit landed at The Spot in Caloocan City.

One thing i could say is that most of the pictures that she has taken during those times were very intimate. I was struck by the wealth of images captured in black and white. Her images evoke almost immediate emotional responses among viewers, those pictures that she took created a tremendous impact. It has seized the moment.

Her black and whites are so raw and powerful it kinda reminded me of the early days of punk rock and hardcore zines where punk rockers decided to bring along an SLR or a cheap ass camera and just randomly click away. Those amateur photographers helped document the events that changed the face of popular music. Photography has done many things in our society and has opened so many eyes to much of what we use to take for granted. Those amateur photographers who eloquently documented the birth of punk music, fashion, art and lifestyle the likes of Toni Tye, Pennie Smith and Edward Colver are now famous worldwide.

It is great to hear that Cindy Aquino had earned worldwide recognition for her work from PRIDE PHOTO AWARD an organization on gender issues based in Amsterdam. Her winning entry is titled BOND. When i saw that winning entry of hers it immediately showed me that her craft holds a mirror up to humanity and shows us what is real, what is true and how unique we all are, and how much we really have in common.

BOND has a visual message that educate, entertain and persuade. To some viewers BOND can offend and shock. And that is what for me the beauty of it. It is not just a picture of something random it can show something that is happening all over the world. This write up for Cindy has long been overdue and my apologies Inday.

Congratulations on your achievement you add another laurel to our nation of winners. I hope you will be the next Alan Lomax or one day following those famous photographers footsteps that i had mentioned.

Her works are now on display at KANTO at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio Village, Makati City from the 5th up to the 10th of November. 

The title of her exhibit is called DOS-ESPIRITU: ISANG QUADRO TRIANGULO SA SULOK NG MUNDO the exhibit tackles gender-related issues faced by LESBIANS, GAYS, BISEXUALS and TRANSGENDER Community in a culturally conservative Filipino society. 

If you happen to be in Makati City please do drop by and view her award winning work up close and personal.