Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A few weeks ago a friend of mine from Angono, Rizal had informed me about a friend of ours in the music scene that suffered a stroke. A regular fixture on the Mod and Ska scene and well known as the go to guy when it comes to threads worn by skinheads and mods.

I was surprised to learn about his condition because first and foremost he is a health buff. He habitually does cycling and runs regularly in other words he lead a positive lifestyle. I admired him because of this. 

On November 22 bands who knew HENRY RIZARDO personally is asking for your help. They will stage a gig at FOR THE ROAD BAR in Madison Square, Mandaluyong City. If anyone of you reading this post and knew Henry please do drop by and lend a helping hand.

Let us all wish for his speedy recovery. HOLD STEADY MY FRIEND, HOLD ON HENRY.