Monday, November 17, 2014


Looks like the stars are all aligning by the end of this year. After a successful crowd funding gig for the Wuds by Kounter Kulture last Saturday there is yet another musical event worth checking out this month as Joseph Minister of Move Up Hi Fi is serving up another batch of tasty JA 45s with his cohorts Sarge Vez and Norris King.

With performances from 2 tone band STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, DANDIMITES, EARTHLINGS together with their new vocalist Viola from 3rd wave ska band SPORNEE, GOODLEAF and ska punkers PINKCOW the last two mentioned bands will be releasing albums of their own by the end of this year the last one happens to be recording at CBI's Paul Putian's recording studio called STUDIO JUAN that i think is worth waiting for.

And just to give you a quick history on who is the man behind MOVE UP HI FI. He happens to be a good friend of mine named Mark Young a DJ and a vinyl collector with impeccable taste for Funk, Jazz, Afrobeat and other music that you never heard before music that is worth listening to. I met him, along with fellow funk enthusiast and hardcore Meters fan Francis Hernandez of Loads of Motherhood way back early Y2K at The Fort during my ex wife's corporate party for an adult entertainment. I was blown away by the funk that was blasting through the speakers that i decided to check him out the rest is history.  Mark AKA Mark Zero, AKA Joseph Minister had been around the music scene for quite sometime since the early 90's and now he is focussing on unearthing some tasty Jamaican oldies but goodies - labels like Jayboy, Pama, Bamboo, Gibbs and Crab for all the ska and reggae fans to enjoy so if you happen to love ska and early reggae then do drop by at MUZACK MUSIC HALL AND SPORTS BAR in MAKATI CITY on NOVEMBER 28, FRIDAY. He along with NORRIS KING, SARGE VEZ and guest DJ NICK MONSOON of the trad ska band THE MONSOONS will be spinning 45s so do not miss out because this will be a trainspotters wet dream so don't miss it!

The location of the venue is at the back of McDonalds Buendia before Mayapis there's a building in front of Mini Stop where the whole shebang will take place. Entrance cost will be 100 Pesos that comes with a one bottle of beer fairly cheap if i may say so.

As i always say here in this blog. Dance hard, Drink heavily, Leave your politics at the door, Bring your tolerance with you and please spend money at the venue and not at the convenience store. This is the only way that you show your full support in the scene so please try not to humiliate yourself by displaying a 711 bought booze at the venue and lastly do not be a freaking asshole by doing the Nazi salute.