Sunday, November 16, 2008


Been very very busy lately after Skalloween (still waiting for the pictures to arrive at my inbox courtesy of the dirty folks). I will post what transpired that day and it was helluva show! Hats off to The Wayfarers and Beatdown Boombox that gave the new schoolers what punk rock really is just like Joey said "learn to listen, listen to learn, you gotta learn to listen before you could burn!"

And much respect to the bands that played that night. And also to the people that came and give their love and respect to the scene without you ladies and gents the scene would not be possible, we salute you!

One more thing I have to get this off my chest to the people that came gatecrashing and without telling us that they are selling their crust punk merchandise at the door, You should be ashamed of yourselves name dropping your collective and name dropping the hardcore thrash punkers from Leeds UK. You do not know shit and doesnt have utter respect even for your fellow collective that does not know what the fuck your doing trying to front you have no idea that the stupid things you do reflects on your entire collective and to the other stupid people that also gatecrashed shame on you too! If you really knew what the word working class meant (google it up - working class for dummies) you should not be doing this sort of thing bunch of poseurs you people make me sick. Before you used that cockney expression make sure you know what that really meant to people that love and respected streetpunk.

This is Bisikleta Productions and we are rude and reckless. Bottomline for us is respect the artist and musicians and the scene so that the people within the scene will respect you. We do not honuor your badge here my friend. If your gonna be rude we will give you the boot.

And now for some very interesting events. Please support them as you openly supported Bisikleta Productions as the old saying goes - "If the kids are united they will never be divided". First one is a gig that would be happening on the 27th of November thats going to be next week Thursday, The event would be handled by the Angono ska community RUDIES ALL AROUND good thing they are back in circulation. They have been absent for quite awhile hope this time they stay. Then if you wanted to experience some good skanking from Bulacan brace yourselves for SKA TRAIN GOES TO MALOLOS BULACAN hosted by the rude boys of Bulacan, TO PEOPLE WHO SKA.

Hope to see you ladies and gents there! Back to the skankpit again. And as we always say LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.

Keep your eyes peeled for next year we are planning something big this January...or who knows this comming December anyone up for some CHRISTMESS MAYHEM?