Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hallows Eve Shindig

It has been 3 weeks since our last event that was held at Ten02 Bar and Resto and it was a blast! And as the dirty guys had said endless supply of brews and non stop music and friendly faces had showed up! Kudos to trashradiomanila for the fabulous photos that they sent me the other day.

Since i am so lazy today to summarized what had happened that day go browsed the wold wibe web and check out http://www.trashradiomanila.blogspot.com/ for their excellent observation on what had transpired that day the only thing i can say is props goes out to all the people that lovingly supported this production. And much respect to the bands that played that night y'all are amazing!

Here are the fantastic images caught by the dirty folks:

Top photos from left to right: The Skinheads demma come, Cheers! from Gener of The Trend, Yeah, Yeah Yeah its Bing Austria!, Beatdown Boombox showing the kids what real punk rock is all about, Eastern Vibration blow that trombone.
Bottom photos from left to right: Francis of Pinkcow, Edwin Aguilar of The Wayfarer in the zone, Umble Uno, these kids are all right!, Steady Movin' Beat courtroom session!
Photos courtesy of trashradiomanila.blogspot.com