Wednesday, November 26, 2008


December is just a few days ahead and most of us are getting our asses kicked by our employers to beat this years sales quota and most of us are anticipating this years 13 month pay! If you are planning to relax from a hard days work look no more, reward yourself with these up and coming events. First stop is tonight's event hosted by the Angono rude boys RUDIES ALL AROUND happening at 6Underground at Pearl Drive Ortigas with great bands including THE WAYFARERS! do drop by if you need some ska fix and ice cold beer to soothe you after a hard days work at the office.

And this coming saturday all you Vespa afficionados heads up coz' there will be an awesome shindig happening at Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (near wack wack) with guest bands JUAN PABLO DREAM, RUBADUB, DEAD POP STARS and EARTHLINGS the program will start at around 6:30 in the evening so be there!

Come this December watch out for a very very awesome event that will be happening at CUBAO EXPO I have long been an avid fan of this great man since early 2000 for his impeccable taste in music particularly deep funk (if you think that James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton's P Funk is Funk wait til ya hear the nuggets that he had compiled alongside DJ Shadow, RZA and other noteworthy DJs on the BBE label) to me he is the godfather of deep dirty funk 45s.
The man i am talking about is none other than KEB DARGE himself. He will be here on the 22nd of December. For a little bit of info about him is that he began his career as a northern soul DJ at Wigan casino and gained notoriety spinning deep funk (besides deep funk he is a pasionate rockabilly music collector, go check out youtube he's with the modfather Paul Weller!) at Madame Jo Jo's a strip joint in London's Soho district. So all you vinyl junkies, hip hop heads and funk fanatics who dig dirty drum breaks and bone rattling basslines this is the place to be.
Time to have fun away from the dreaded deadlines. WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!!!