Sunday, February 1, 2009


For our second offering this 2009 we teamed up with the Angono skankers SOUNDBLASTERS a DJ collective born out of the Angono ska band Neighbors to bring you LAST GANG STANDING a sound system sound clash. For this event we are focusing on the DJ aspect of the scene. The headliners will be SOUND BLASTERS battling it out against TWICE THE PANIC a DJ collective born out of Rocket Punch a skinhead reggae band. Expect to hear some familiar tunes and some awesome neverheard hard to find beats that will surely make your body move.

Joining this event are top rank bands from the Mod, Ska and Punk Rock scene. First on the list is THE ANDY WARHOL the brains behind College, Urban Bandits and Music Front, Non other than Mr. Arnold Morales joining him are equally talented members hailing from the ska, punk and mod scene, need i say more?. Then after them is a band dubbed as The fastest band in the land in the 80's Brave New World scene (the band members consist of a DJ at Underground Radio 105.9 FM, Tame The Tikbalang and NU 107's Time Bomb) BETRAYED will be gracing Ten 02 for a limited engagement. Then THE GOSIGNALS will be joining us, A local fave amongst the scootering scene. Headed by the modfather himself Mr. Mel Maniego and his Brother from Throw, Dennis Maniego expect to hear a 100% pure power pop bliss!. Then next on the bill will be these ska punkers from Blumentritt, PINK COW giving you a dose of their Rancid, Op Ivy & The Clash influenced music. And next in line will be the 2 Tone influenced ska band STEADY MOVIN' BEAT. And then these two bands from Bulacan serving you 3rd wave ska PILO N' STITCH (horn section for Juan Pablo Dream) and the cats from Pulilan PULIKATS. Then next will be ROCKET PUNCH giving you real moonstomping ala Upsetters! and last but not the least hailing from Batangas City comes TELLAYOUTHSKA giving you 3rd wave ska as sharp as a fan blade. This are all killers and no fillers that will guarantee to knock your socks off!

For 50 bucks and it comes with one ice cold beer, we will definitely give you a great time. So be there! and as we always say here LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCK YOU UP. Lets drink, dine and dance ourselves silly this coming 28th of February and thats Saturday.