Monday, February 16, 2009

FRIDAY THE 13th...

I am not superstitious nor am i religious, but it seems that night all hell will break loose...I should have heed the warning what most old geezers told me that Friday the 13th was a bad sign and should be avoided for real and worst that day was Valentines eve. Were everyone seems to fornicate just for the sake of Cupid's arrow bunch of stupid folks mesmerized by that dreaded four letter word. True love my friend is the devil's anvil.

It was Friday Night and pay day despite the fact that my work load is somewhat full packed i craved for a super ice cold beer so i decided to call up Francis of ska
punkers Pink Cow and do a somewhat Friday night, Saturday Morning affair and discuss the upcoming recording project for the lads. First stop while i was walking in San Miguel avenue a bunch of my ex office mates spotted me and lo and behold they were doing a beer valentine event with some mainstream acts that will play that night they offered me to stay for a while and catch up on things. Then came Francis and we grab a couple of brews and munchies to fill up our tummies, while staring at those lovely Brazilians, after a few drinks me and Francis decided to go to a much quieter more relaxed atmosphere and drink some more while we are getting ready to go to a NEIGHBORS gig at 6 Underground after a few drinks from that hole in the wall food joint we proceeded to go to 6 Underground and catch up with Neighbors.

Then came Neighbors, its been a while seeing those lads and we are kinda excited to watch and hear them play again. The venue was not heavily packed only a handful of bands and waiters. I paid a good amount of money to the event organizer to let us in and grabbed some beer and again munchies that i swear to the
Balkan gods was god damn awful. The tokwa't baboy was stale and looks like the pork was not fresh at all, kinda like its been on a freezer for a month i can smell it on my palate, while the tofu was cooked on a over reheated rancid oil. Since i was on a budget (The Beer cost P50 bucks which was way out of my league unless of course if there's scantily clad chicks gyrating and doing the pole dance it is reasonable that is) I decided to go to 711 to pack on some beer and heavy alcohol and chaser for us to drink outside the venue and give the boys of Neighbors some good old fashion tagay just to set them on the mood for their skanking set.

First set was Neighbors, its good to see them back on their feet and the original keyboard player was back to tickle those ivories. The first note was struck and i was up on my feet dancing,
skanking silly.....then came this over sized gorilla of a man straight outta UFC asking me not to dance coz' they were filming and recording the band. Jeez....imagine that no dancing at a rock and roll bar!..But i still danced my self silly that night hoping they would leave me be.

The man got irritated and finally he had used profane language (his accent is similar to those of the folks from the visayas region) towards me..and all hells break loose...i got kicked out of the bar. I did provoked the man jokingly but i guess that guy had no sense of humour at all maybe because of his tight pants that suffocated his balls. What he did to me was i think was completely
unnecessary and totally uncalled for he accosted me and pounce on me. To me the role of a bouncer is to protect and to not use excessive force, but you my dear friend is not. You use aggresion, physical force to show your masculinity.

I did not do anything, did not fight back at all coz i know its was futile to fight back (imagine his biceps compared to mine) and still he was raging mad as a bull kinda like a
looney toon cartoons! Probably due to the muscle inducing drug that caused that stupid guy to get mad at me. Whats' strikingly funny and at the same time sad is that after he did damage to my left leg and shin he retreated back and like a little boy asked for help from the security guards that was based on that building! Imagine that and when the Police arrived he came back mad at me again! I do not know why maybe it was due to my devilishly grin that caused him to go bonkers.

Anyway to make the long story short I along with Francis and the rest of Neighbors ended up in jail, Being
harassed by the cops that kept threathening us that we could go to jail because of my behaviour and the city ordinance that i had violated. Those cops along with the chief of the Pasig City Police substation that i could not recall their names coz they are hiding their name tags. They tried to squeeze money out of our pockets for the reason that they will drop their charges towards us in exchange for money! No wonder cops like you are being targeted by the militia ! (calling ABB!) Despite of this mishap the lads from Neighbors kept their cool ( I am extremely sorry for the trouble that i caused you guys!)

Lesson of the story well
do not get too drunk (by the way i am not really drunk that night just intoxicated coz if i am i may not be able to recall what had happened that fateful evening) and do not dance near a bouncer at 6 UNDERGROUND dancing is not allowed at this bar. Shame on you people you are exploiting those bands giving them waivers to sign up so that you can use them on your show without giving them any benefits at all just that 15 minutes of fame and avoid dirty cops. Shame on your slogan "to serve and protect" when some of you are just a bunch of wolves in sheeps clothing You had disgraced your fellow officers.

And if you wanna have a REAL
GOOD TIME and DANCING IS NOT PROHIBITED and intoxication is just normal do go to ROUTE 196 on MARCH 7. The food is really great (kudos to the pinoy pizza you guys serve!) and the beer is super cheap only 35 bucks and its ice cold too. Great bands will be playing on that day including soulsters JUAN PABLO DREAM and power pop mavericks THE GOSIGNALS plus you can also dance in the streets of Katipunan coz' we will be supplying the sound system courtesy of yours truly A BOY NAMED HIL together with the Global City rudeboys TWICE THE PANIC, serving you Punk, Ska, Mod, Northern Soul, and anything that can move your body.

See ya' there! and please avoid that so called rock and roll bar (that i think was being supported by a rock radio station) in Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center were they can't really lived up to their standards as "UNDERGROUND" bunch of posers!. Do not believe the hype Come on! its rock and roll! its suppose to be rebellious and dangerous! anu ba pinapakingan nyo? Loggins and Mesina?. or Styx? El
Shaddai na lang kayo dyan masaya pa!

The study stated that bouncers:"...have been observed to initiate fights or further encourage them on several occasions. Many seem poorly trained, obsessed with their own machismo, and relate badly to groups of male strangers. Some of them appear to regard their employment as giving them a licence to assault people. This may be encouraged by management adherence to a repressive model of supervision of patrons ("if they play up, thump 'em"), which in fact does not reduce trouble, and exacerbates an already hostile and aggressive situation. In practice many bouncers are not well managed in their work, and appear to be given a job autonomy and discretion that they cannot handle well."