Friday, February 27, 2009


This coming Saturday night Angono's Boss DJs the SOUNDBLASTERS have team up with us to bring you a one of a kind affair where we bring upfront the DJ side of this culture SOUNDBLASTERS will be facing off against The Global City Rude Boys TWICE THE PANIC watch them and hear them battle it out for supremacy at TEN 02 BAR and RESTO.

Supporting them will be top rank bands featuring THE ANDY WARHOL, BETRAYED, GOSIGNALS, PINK COW, ROCKET PUNCH, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, PILO N' STITCH and TELLAYOUTHSKA. Gate only cost 50 bucks and comes with an ice cold beer. Plus! free CDs will be given away to the 20 early patrons. So please do come and support the scene that we truly love and cherished. And REMEMBER! Please LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.