Sunday, March 15, 2009


On the occasion of what would have been his 41st birthday this coming March 25, 2009......Former bandmate and long time friend Bing Austria and the rest of Juan Pablo Dream is inviting you to a momentous celebration of a late great drummers life and times.

To make way for this event, Juan Pablo Dream's regular Tuesday gig at Ten 02 Bar and Resto will include guest bands as they pay tribute to their former bandmate. Included on this show will be some of Luis Guiang's cohorts and friends including Mel and Ricky of Private Stock his first ever band when he was just 14 years old plus Malabon Skaville's rudegirls and rudeboys - Earthlings, this band is his last ever endeavor he acted as their mentor and sort of a father figure and friend to these young kids who he had thought and introduced to them the wonderful music of Jamaica. And also included on this show the ska punkers Pink Cow and Bing Austria's lads The Young Instigators bringing you the soul of motown.

Please let us support Juan Pablo Dream and the rest of the bands that will play on the 24th of March the eve of Weslu's birthday let us again remember the life and times of this late great drummer and a hell of friend to most of us.