Thursday, March 5, 2009


And so goes the famous ketchup commercial back in the days...for those of you who do not knew what that is...time to google it up or search it on youtube! or better yet ask the oldies! This Saturday night Bisikleta Productions will be crashing a party produced by PENGENG KETCHAP PRODUCTIONS members of that crew included Bing Austria of the soul mod band Juan Pablo Dream, Mr, Austria invited us to participate in their shindig so we are hooking up the speakers and bringing in the sounds!

A Boy Named Hil will be pumping up his mixtape of punk, ska, mod, and everything else that will make your body move and your ears bleed and along with him are the Global City rudeboys Twice The Panic are in it for the mayhem! Expect to hear some bass heavy grooves from them! Gate damage cost around 150 pesos with drinks included plus you get to see Juan Pablo Dream and The GoSignals and a slew of other bands please do come and party with us and support Pengeng Ketachap's event at Route 196. The venue is located near Blue Ridge, Katipunan extension, across Wham Burger (Route 196 is formerly known as Inihaw Republic the last place were Weslu was seen alive) The DJ set will be set up outdoors so its absolutely free! Beer cost only 35 Bucks!...Now Pass the Ketchap please rudies!