Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It took me quite a while to realize that last Saturday's affair was great that i had missed out probably due to some things that's been going through my head lately that i got home early without finishing Last Night Standing.

Anyway February has ended with me holding court at Ten 02 Bar with a little help from the T.R.A., Pink Cow and Earthlings and Ompong took turns taking care of the gate. Last Saturday festivities was a gathering of the usual suspects. There was a slight bit of change that has happened that night because of some irate neighbor of the venue that's been complaining from all the ruckus. So we decided to set up the DJ equipments inside the bar instead of doing the DJ battle outdoors we were obligated to an indoor DJ set. While waiting for the bands to play the two DJ crew started to bombard the crowd with a slew of heavy heavy doses of punk rock, northern soul, ska and dub music much to the delight of the crowd. (one British expat requested a NOFX song resulting being played twice).

After an hour of tune exchanges between Twice the Panic and Soundblasters, It was time for some live action. First up was Pink Cow, delivering their brand of ska punk to the unsuspecting masses , setting up the pace for things to come that night. Next up was the band that was billed as the fastest band in the land during the 80's. Watching these guys gives me goosebumps this is just the 3rd time i saw them play (never did i saw them play during the 80's mom never let me go to see the punk rock bands and all i got was their tape that was bought from Tanderm). I was lucky enough that they played for this event and boy i had a blast listening to them! After an electrifying set from Betrayed it was time for the Modfather to deliver. The GoSignals set is equally brutal! with their brand of powerpop originals and some classic Jam and The Kinks covers the crowd was sweating profusely and singing along it was brilliant! After The GoSignals it was time for some good old skank from the skinhead reggae masters Rocket Punch...that sweet sweet hammond and bass heavy groove was ear candy! There was a couple of guest vocalist that came up during their set, first one was the female vocalist of the 3rd wave ska band Out4lunch and the second one was from Steady Movin' Beat (Out4lunch vocalist was awesome reminds me of Superangente 86). After Rocket Punch then came along Pilo N' Sticth from Bulacan City. The brass was splendid! consist of Juan Pablo Dream's horn section. These guys delivered bouncy 3rd wave that left the crowd hungry for more! I myself ask for some Skapara Tojou rendition! during their set. After them Bulacan rudies it was time for the gents and lady from Batangas City to deliver their brand of ska as sharp as a fan blade. Hearing their set was quite fun i can hear some hints of hip hop thrown in during their performance that night. During half their set it was time for me to go home to fix some trouble at my home...I have'nt got a chance to finish the last band set which was Steady Movin' Beat but i am sure the crowd had a blast during their set skanking silly to their performance. I guess the event ended quite good due to the fact most of the crowd was seriously drunk as a fish and everyone i talked to during the event was quite jolly.

Special thanks to the Angono Boss Dee Jays that teamed with us Soundblasters and props to all the crowd that came and off course last but not the least The bands that played! Til' next time....hope to see ya' all!

Images from Last Gang Standing: Top Twice the Panic, Bottom: Ten 02 Bar and Resto, Betrayed, The GoSignals, Rocket Punch, Pilo N' Stitch, Tellayouthska, Steady Movin' Beat, The Crowd (photos courtesy of JP and Audi of Rocket Punch)