Thursday, June 18, 2009


My Friend Ojie, from the Singapore based hardcore all Filipino band T.S.A. had sent me a photo with him are his band mates, Pedro Bandido and Bimboi together with Al Dimalanta of Throw, Metro Manila's finest and one of the most respected hardcore band in the Philippines.

The band are presently working on their third album, a compilation of songs from punk / hardcore bands that has a big influence on them individually and as band, paying a sort of a homage to their “kuya’s”. Although this is not a new concept and also with the proliferation of tribute bands, but it’s been planned by the group since 1997, complete with what songs to be included, that the third will be a cover album and hopefully it will be finished this year so they can move on to the fourth.

They are planning to promote and release the album here in Manila. according to my THE ADDICTS fan friend Ojie so lets keep our fingers crossed that one day they will grace the Philippine shores and do a homecoming gig for us. This is Bulacan's Finest! VIVA!!!