Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Friday at Leprechaun Bar MAIM celebrated their Anniversary and boy i had a drunken fun that night listening to the bands like Tame The Tikbalang which i thought would cover 24-7 Spyz's Grandma Dynamite one of their early repertoire (which included Bad Brains) that reminded me of Club Dredd 's Timog years that had put a smile on me when Ronald of Beauty Of Doubt jokingly shouted "were the Retta Posse Oh Nine!" (complete with the matching 09 finger sign!).

I really really enjoyed Betrayed who did an awesome cover of the Dead Boys song - Sonic Reducer. Listening to this band reminded me of my friend, drinking buddy, a sage, a mentor , an adviser and everything else in between guy (to me he is like a big brother that i never had) he is none other than Mr Jay Rizal Bautista, fondly known as Je who played bass for the seminal band Betrayed.

This coming Saturday June 27 a small gathering will be held for this man at Leprechaun Bar. Participating in the said event will be some of Je's close friends and some bands that he is fond of including on the bill is Caliph8's A.M.P.O.N. a leftfield hip hop collective, headed by beat maestro Arvin known as Caliph8 whom had collaborated with Je. And that Bisikleta Productions had previously showcased that group on our past event at Bar 42 (A.M.P.O.N.). I know that some of you or of most of you out there will cringe on the word Hip Hop well my dear ignorant readers if you think hiphop are all about that fucking crap MTV bling blings and talking about big assed women and fast cars think again Hip Hop came from Jamaica and was invented by the DJ's, Selecters and Toasters back in the day and brought in the US soil by the godfather of hiphop DJ Kool Herc, From Jamaica to the world. And Mele-Mel was the first one who spit rhymes on the mic, Hip Hop for me is Punk Rock in a sense that it came from DIY using only two turn tables and making it into a musical Intrument there are lots of great hiphop artist rapping about everyday struggles the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Mosdef, Common, Public Enemy, Aceyalone and The Jurassic 5 and labels like Definitive Jux and Stones Throw, Grand Master Flash and The Furios Five opened up for The Clash's live at Bonds so before you go on and dissing the Hip Hop scene better think again.
Also on the bill are one of Je's favorite band and he often called this band as Punk even though they played Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady and some hints of bluesy rock and roll this is non other than the hardest working band - Coffee Break Island, (that in a sense they are indeed punk go figure!) And also on the bill are the power pop mod group The GoSignals for more info about this gig kindly click on the poster to know more about the show.

On other topics aside from last MAIM's event. After a grueling battle from a hang over last Friday, Francis of PinkCow sent me an SMS and asked me to talk to one of the promoter or i think event manager/coordinator of Fete dela Musique who is in charge of the Reggae and Ska stage informing that guy about PinkCow's entourage. The SMS i got which by the way was forwarded to me by Juan Pablo Dream's manager and according to the message was that the admission for the said event was for free.

But then when we arrived at the bar known as LOVE TO LAUGH. The person manning the gate is charging every person at the door for i think about 150 bucks and its not even consumable and according to the event promoter they did not know the fuckers who is responsible for extorting money from the crowd! The guy also told me he was also surprised to know that the establishment is charging people 300 bucks! so they could see the bands! To me that my friend is highway robbery according to some that bar from Metrowalk was the lone establishment who charges people for the gate! THERE IS NO FEE INDICATED ON THE POSTER! ADMISSION IS FREE! You fucks oughth to be ashamed of yourselves taking advantage of those people who came in to see their favorite ska and reggae bands for free unknown to them that they have been duped.

Anyway Its a good thing after that worst evening at Love To Laugh Bar its refreshing as well as enjoyable to go to a nice cozy hidden bar and see familiar faces and old friends listening to good old ska music, enjoying themselves silly. TAMBAYANAN 1962 is intimately great! PinkCow did a nice set after a terrible terrible set at Metrowalk coz the fucking PA had turned of Paolo's Amp during their set at Love To Laugh. Steady Movin' Beat is getting better and better everytime, and ofcourse Shuffle Union did a mighty set. The shindig at Tambayanan is great compared to metrowalk in my opinion. Good Friends, Great Conversations, Cold Beer and 100% pure unadultarated music for the soul. plus the place is not highway robbery! Now try to beat that...who's laughing now?