Monday, June 22, 2009


Next Month, The Bing Austria Show goes Punk as we bring you GUT REACTION a band composed of members of Beauty of Doubt, George Imbecile and The Idiots and Drunk Natives, drawing influences from Descendents and Rise Against. And also included on the bill is EINSTEIN CHAKRAS known as the representatives of every proletariat worker's revolution agenda, this band is downright political.

Also joining The Bing Austria Show are the Street Punkers THE TOLONGUEZ DEATH SQUAD, Garage and Surf band TANGO BITOY, SkAngeles Pampanga Rude Boys the MARCOS CRONIES, Rockabilly cats PUSAKAL, Oi! band EXSENADORS, Ska Wiseguys MOBSTER MANILA, Punk Rock Upstarts T.R.A. and S.D.K., 3rd Wave Skankers UMBLE UNO, Mod Punkers from my hometown of Kankaloo (shout out to the boys of A.P. Aquino!), THE TREND, Ska Punkers PINKCOW and ofcourse one of our main acts a favorite amongst mods THE GOSIGNALS. For only 60 bucks you'll get tons of bands that you'll surely like (and dislike) plus it comes with one ice cold beer! So what are ya waiting for? Beg, Borrow, Steal or Die trying just be there!

Please bring your tolerance with you.