Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Rude Maynila Sessions is back this October. Join Bisikleta Productions as we feature some of Manila's finest as well as most promising up and coming bands to look out for. This 9th of October, Saturday at 8 in the evening we will be bringing the groove merchants of heavy soul JUAN PABLO DREAM originally the brainchild of Tropical Depression and Put3ska keyboardist Bing Austria. His main goal for his band was to take on Hitsville USA employing the help of some of the talented musicians of Bulacan's third wave ska scene. (Bulacan by the way is a goldmine when it comes to third wave ska and a mecca for hardcore) After a few years and a couple of albums later they are back from a brief haitus from the scene and will be performing again together with the rude boys of Angono non other than NEIGHBORS also known as Neighborhood back in the 90's. Speaking about this band, As I vividly recall Luis "Weslu" Guiang (he and original Put3ska vocalist Raymond used to hangout in Angono with the boys) and I talked about these lads way back in the mid Y2K over a cup o' joe whilst listening to some Italian ska band in my house and him saying that this is the next ska band to watch out for during Put3ska's peak in the 90s justifying that the band has the musicality and knowledge of what ska is all about including a vast record collection of Jamaican music to boot .

It's kinda surprising if you take a look at it, Put3ska and Neighbors is somewhat similar to The Specials and Madness. Put3ska has been marred with lawsuits and internal conflicts between band members and constant line up changes occurred after the release of their sophomore effort and so does The Specials, while Madness on the other hand goes on a different path they take a break and whenever they felt like it they regroup cut an album and even organizing an event called Madstock exclusively dedicated to all the Madness fans worldwide.

Neighbors is doing just the same, they are just bubbling underneath the surface, they had gone on an indefinite leave of absence, And every year they usually celebrate their anniversary performing under the radar undetected just within Angono and nearby towns. They are collectively and individually active in the scene via organized events called Rudies All Around featuring local ska and reggae bands within Angono and nearby towns with Neighbors at the helm of that event. They do scooter events under the guise of the Angono Round Up. And they are actively participating in the local underground DJ scene as Sound Blasters via Manila Soul All Nighter giving the Mods, Soul Boys and Rudies a dose of ska, soul, reggae and everything else in between and now they are back to give us what Angono Ska Explosion is all about.

If you think boys and girls that we are just giving you these two great bands think again....BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!! PinkCow and Steady Movin' Beat's side project THE STRAYGUNS will be playing their own take on traditional ska with a punk twist, don't call this Ska Punk because it ain't ska fused with punk, just imagine a bunch of punk rockers going to JA and messing up the instruments at Studio One and you will get the picture. The Sneekers other band called COUNT KUTU AND THE BALMERS will also be there serving us the flavor of the Caribbean in the form of the grand daddy of ska, Mento music. And also on the bill MOBSTER MANILA (A little unknown musical fact about this band, some of the members were nephews of the late self taught jazz great Bobby "The Wildman" Enriquez.) these cats had been in and around doing the underground and mainstream routes peddling ska music to the unsuspecting masses since the early 2000.

Also on the bill are street punk rockers TARTARS from Bulacan, G2 & THE BUNDOCKS from Angono bringing their sun drenched Cali reggae vibe best known for their song Dream Cloudy featured on Jam 88.3's Doobie Nights reggae compilation CD. Indie darlings THE PINSTRIPED REBELS (with Sid on drums of the politically charged punk rock band Einstein Chakras) THE MIGHTY KIDS representing Cavite City bringing their brand of ska punk, and last but not the least the rude girls and rude boys of Skaville Malabon EARTHLINGS.

The Rude Maynila Sessions is produced by Bisikleta Productions this is a monthly event held at the infamous Sazi's Bar formerly Mayric's a cozy little place were bands gained legendary status. Held every second Saturday of each month featuring well respected veterans as well as new bands that plays ska, punk, mod, soul, oi! and music that we feel like featuring. Regardless of what others might deemed a bit off in this kind of setting. We don't fucking care. We are giving you what you need not what you want. So if you feel you are one of them, then sod off!

For a measly sum of 60 bucks you will get an ice cold beer, loads of great music, no bollocks just a ton of positive vibes plus the beer is dirt cheap, the pub grub warms the belly and the folks who maintains this place is like family. Let us support these great bands and hope to see y'all there. And by the way, we are giving away Bisikleta Productions compilation CDs selected by A Boy Named Hil to the 20 early patrons.