Friday, September 10, 2010


Tonight at Sazi's Bar we are bringing you 12 bands of ska, oi, punk rock and mod. The Rude Maynila Sessions will be featuring THE GOSIGNALS if you are not familiar with this band, well you are one sorry ass poop. The band is a favorite amongst the mod scene their music is an equal mix of mod, power pop and punk. If you still don't know them by now, well it 's time to name drop some bands in which they came from, the band consist of Private Stock and Throw members. Now that's something worth hearing and seeing don't you think so?

Next on the list is a band that was formed during the mid 90's EINSTEIN CHAKRAS A politically charged punk band that is so diverse that they can be seen performing along side protest / folk singers
the likes of Jess Santiago and Noel Cabangon.

Also on the bill are new bands coming in to add flavor to The Rude Maynila Sessions community. Ska band from Cavite City called FINGER TRAP, Manila's ska punkers 12xU, and Oi! band from Bulacan TARTARS. And of course the mainstays PINKCOW, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, THE SNEEKERS, THE EXSENDADORS, EARTHLINGS, THE OUTCOME and GOFORTHEGOAT.

For a measly sum of 60 pesos you will get to hear these bands plus you will get one ice cold beer for doing that. So swing by at Sazi's Bar tonight to see whats the fuzz is all about. One more thing PiliSKApinas goodies will be on sale at the gate so if you missed last Saturday's Ska Fest now is the time to make up for it. Show starts at 8 see y'all tonight.