Thursday, July 16, 2009


It was raining cats and dogs last July 11 plus the traffic is so damn heavy it clogged the whole of Metro Manila area, The host of the show came in late due to thatt. But despite of this the loyal supporters of Bisikleta Productions came over to show their love and support. Punk rockers, skinheads, mods, casuals and some innocent bystanders dropped by to dine, drink, dance and see the awesome bands at the show.

First band is rockabilly rockers PUSAKAL with Jerome of CAMOTE CHUNKS, these cats are getting better and better, you should see them!

The highlight of the show is the surf band TANGO BITOY they played awesome its a wipeout! (no pun intended). The crowd responded with a thunderous applause as each song twang and reverberated the entire hall of Sazi's Bar.

The young boys of S.D.K. played a mean hardcore set. THE SNEEKERS is fiery as hell. THE GOSIGNALS heats up the crowd. Too bad i had to leave early that night coz' i bought along my eldest daughter who was tired and sleepy (sorry guys family first). But i heard from Bing that after i left, MARCOS CRONIES bought the house down everyone was skanking silly and THE EXSENADORS brought back streetpunk the skinheads had gone crazy and Bing had to see to it that no one will go aggro on somebody.

Here's the videos and pictures from the last event that was held at Sazi's Bar. (sorry again guys the quality of the pictures and videos is not that good coz it was just taken using a cellphone)

Thanks to Carl Simonon of t.R.A. and his lovely girlfriend Aryan for the videos and pictures.

The Pictures: From top to bottom, the crowd, Tango Bitoy and Pusakal.
The Videos: From top to bottom, Einstein Chakras, The GoSignals, The Sneekers and Umble Uno.