Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Sidewalk Doctors
The Sidewalk Doctors is formed by Nathan Thomas on vocals, Lenny Bignell on guitar, Danny Thompson on bass, Mark Thomson on drums and Jay aka dr.boogaloo on keys. Their sound can be described as the sounds of 60's/70's Jamaica filtered through London 2008. The Sidewalk Doctors aim to create a sound that whilst classic is firmly rooted in the 21st century. check them out here:

The Supernovas
The Supernovas are a young 4-piece from the Holloway Road of North London. They have been gigging around the country together since the tender age of 16. They perform their own style of Mod-Punk with a sound that can be likened to The Buzzcocks and The Jam. Check them out here:

The Crabs Corporation

The Crabs Corporation is a musical project dedicated to the early reggae gender. The Crabs Corporation has been a studio band and have enjoyed the collaboration of different artists friends including Jennie Mathias of Bellestar, Dave Barker and the Tempranos. Check them out here:

The Sweet Divines
The Sweet Divines are doing soul music the only way they know how -- the old-school way. These four young ladies and their band have honed an authentic sound that evokes the greats of the southern soul pantheon -- Stax, Aretha, James Brown, funky New Orleans -- yet feels immediate, unique, and more relevant than ever. The result is heavenly manna for soul purists, beat addicts, harmony lovers, and just about anyone else with a pair of ears and/or feet. Check them out here:


Nouvellas is a new soul group consisting entirely of former Dansettes members. Jaime Kozyra is back with Leah Fishman to share some exciting dual vocals. With a look straight from the Ed Banger Parisian streets and a sound twisted, squeezed and rung from '60s motown and Aretha herself, the Nouvellas aren't just a revivalist group. They're using rock's foundation to inject fun back into the indie rock equation. Think Dusty Springfield backed by the Yardbirds...Check them out here:

The Nice Boys
The Nice Boys are a power pop band hailing from Portland, Oregon. They were formed in 2004 by ex-Exploding Hearts guitarist Terry Six, studio keyboardist Brian Lelko, drummer Alan Mansfield, and Colin Jarrel and Gabe Lageson of The Riffs, who, like the Exploding Hearts, were influenced by the punk and rock music of the late 1970s. Check them out here:

The Delagators

If the Supremes moved to Kingston via South London...40 years ago, Desmond Dekker made his British television premiere with The song "Israelites" and introduced the world to a new style of dance music. Within a week of his performance, reggae was charting in the Top 10 and it's infectious rhythms had exploded onto the world scene.......

Fast forward to the present day and reggae has lost none of it's ability to move the masses to the dance floor and enrich peoples lives with it's sweet melodies. Nobody knows this better than a young group emerging from the heart of London, England called The Delegators. With a profound respect for the music's history and an instinctive understanding of it's place in the modern market, they have embarked on a mission
to hypnotize the masses with their soulful blend of Rocksteady and Motown. Check them out here:

Chris Van Chrome
Hamburg's own Powerpop singer. His music strongly influenced by the late-seventies modrevival and by classic northern soul Check him out here:

The Five Aces
The sound of a drinking session with a load of hip-cats and gorgeous gals showing their moves way past bedtime. The Five Aces is quite hard to pin down take in Ray Charles, Booker T & The MGs, Mod, soul… even bebop and you've got The Five Aces. Check them out here:

Baby Shakes
The new sound of old punk, New York City quartet marry shoop-shoop Motown girl group melodies to crusty, clanging chords, an irresistible combination of bouffants and safety pins designed to make every sneering secret romantic swoon. Check them out here: