Monday, July 6, 2009


From an original idea by SID LIFE CRISIS in 2007, the band started as as a concept, and ended up a living, breathing punk collossus. However, despite an ongoing writing partnership between Sid and his musical muse guitarist JOHNNY CARDIGAN, it wasn't until the afternoon of their first gig in Cardiff that Sid was reaquainted with his old skiffle sparring partner bassist JOE STRIMMER - and Johnny met drummer ADRIAN VILES for the first time.

Masters of anarchy, destruction and careful step by step adherence to the instructions during the assembly of IKEA furniture.

Leaders of the new revolution taking place in sheds and offices up and down the land. Reclaimers of luminous vinyl theft , confiscators of pocket money and every teenagers worst nightmare at a party.

Don't stay out too late kids Or we're coming to get ya!!!