Monday, July 6, 2009


Singapore based pinoy hardcore kings T.S.A. will be wreaking havoc at CRAWLSPACE (back of Straits Records) together with a bunch of great bands.

Straits Records is the soul of Singapore underground,
tucked in a little alley down Bali Lane this uber cool place which reminded me back home of A to Z Records and Groove Nation back in the day, is headed by Ridhwan V. Ghany. On my first day in Lion City the first thing that i did is to find a nice record bar and buy some local Punk and Ska albums. I found out about this place in a magazine (forgot the name of the mag) about the Singapore fashion and music culture that i got for free while window shopping in the busy district of Orchard Road.

The first time i visited this place is the first time i hooked up with T.S.A drummer Ojie Arcega. The last time i talked to Ridhwan is while i am purchasing a Cesspit and Plague of Happiness CD to give as "pasalubong" (besides the Kaya Jam and Milk Tea!) to my good friend back home, non other than Je Bautista.

I told Ridhwan when i come back to my native country and if i had a chance to get back again in Lion City is that i will bring him back some great CDs from the local bands in my country that i love. Anyway if you are in and around Singapore and you wanna hear some tunes get off the beaten path and go check out T.S.A.'s brand of hardcore, and while you're at it buy some records on your way in.