Thursday, July 9, 2009


Tomorrow night its The Bing Austria Show! again at Sazi's Bar!. A little history on The Bing Austria Show, this shindig was founded by Punk, Reggae and Ska veteran Bing Austria keyboardist for Tropical Depression and Put3ska and now frontman of the soul mod act Juan Pablo Dream along with some of the like minded people from PinkCow and Tolonguez Death Squad's bass player Odel, in early year 2000. During its infancy their residence is at a bar in Fairview and later was handled by Mind The Gap Productions taking the show to Vida De Malate and to Bar 42 in Tomas Morato. Its aim is to promote up and coming bands that has character as well as musicality to boot. The Bing Austria Show hibernated for a few years then Bisikleta Productions decided to pick up the show to jumpstart it once more. The show is highly influenced by the Rat Pack form of entertaining the masses and Jools Holland Shows brand of music info's plus the D.I.Y ethos of punk rock.

What started out as an outlet for plain old fun became a community amongst the bands and patrons alike. Tired of the silly clique and rivalries. We decided to do our own musical movement and thus born this monthly gathering spearheaded by like minded people. We are trying to make gigs fun once again and try not to suck.

If this scene is not fun its because YOU'RE not making it fun, and if this scene sucks, its because YOU suck. THIS SCENE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY. Come join the fray and make sure to leave your bullshit politics behind coz politics fuck you up and make sure you bring your tolerance with you. Remember to dress in Style, Keep Calm & Carry On!